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Let’s tell it like it is, there is no single way of making sure you get the best paint job for your house.

Having said that, there are a couple of things that you can do to make sure you avoid a majority of the pitfalls and your job is done perfectly.

Here are five of the most common painting mistakes that could cost you more than your budget.

Forgetting to cover things around the painting area

Whether you are painting the interior or exterior, the general idea is to stick to painting the required surface and not everything else while doing so.

Before getting down to business, take your time to cover other surfaces and objects that you wouldn’t want the paint to spill on.

It is a fact that a paint thinner gets paint off most surfaces but it is better to cover these surfaces beforehand.

You will spare yourself from the trouble of having to buy an unreasonable amount of thinners to remove the paint.

Invest in your project

Working on a budget for any other project is not wrong. However, do not fall for cheap and substandard materials all in a bid to save money.

In most cases, these materials will not give you the value for your money and will end up compromising the overall quality.

While you may save a few bucks, the quality of the work will probably show when the project is done and dusted.

Don’t be surprised if you end up spending more money on the subsequent patch-up works down the line.

Failing to prep a glossy surface

Painting over a previous glossy surface is a mistake often done by amateur painters. The same principle that glossy paint uses to resist smudges and grease is the same that will prevent the new coat from adhering.

When painting over a glossy surface, it is best to sand down all the gloss and cleaning the surface before applying a fresh coat.

Alternatively, you could use a liquid deglosser and wipe off the gloss making the surface paint ready.

Not minding the weather

Be sure to time your painting project over some fair weather. Remember, paint doesn’t do well under extreme conditions.

Extreme cold, causing uneven drying hence cracking and unwanted peeling.

Humid conditions will prolong the drying time, especially for water-based paints.

The extreme temperature on the other hand will rush the drying process while at the same time causing the wet paint to bubble.

Always consult with the paint manufacturer to learn the optimal temperature for that particular paint.

Over-reliance on DIY

Doing some projects by yourself is perfectly OK. However, for bigger paint jobs, it is advisable to get professional help.

The chances of you pulling off the same quality as a team of professional painters are slim. Also, you might end up making mistakes that a professional would not make.

Call to Action

Painting is a skill, so if you are questioning your abilities as far as painting is concerned, then it is wise to get professionals for the job.

Otherwise, you may end up making mistakes that will cost more than the project to fix. But you could always perfect your skills with smaller projects that don’t have too much at stake.