Exterior Painting Ideas To Skyrocket Your Curb Appeal

florida home with a fresh coat of paint

Your home is a precious possession – not only a roof over your head, but it is so much more. It is where you lay down to sleep, eat great meals, raise your family and celebrate milestones in life. Everyone wants to keep their home in the best possible shape, and to make it as beautiful as they can, both inside and outside. Of course, beautifying on the outside is known, these days, as curb appeal.

Going for making things as beautiful as possible outside your home can take on several dimensions. Everything from landscaping to paint makes a difference when it comes to how appealing your home is from the curb – especially to someone who doesn’t associate treasured memories with the building you call home. The little quirks you think are quaint, someone else might just see as weird – it is a hard thing to realize that the curb appeal of your home needs perhaps more work than you originally thought about doing.

Take the paint for instance. Your home’s siding color and accessories can make a huge difference in how others perceive the building. It can be warm and inviting or cool and composed. It could be sophisticated and forward thinking or comfortable and kid-friendly. There are lots of combinations, but each thing you do speaks volumes. And since spring is in the air and cleaning up is the bug that everyone has caught right now, your thoughts of updating that exterior look are probably spot on.

Thomas Lewis Professional Painting, Inc. in Palm Beach Gardens, FL is an expert organization of painters who can tackle exterior as well as interior painting jobs for both residential and commercial buildings. For your purposes, you’re probably thinking about picking out a different siding and shutter color combination that projects exactly what you want your home to say. The expert residential painting contractors at Thomas Lewis Professional Painting can help you choose the colors that work for you and get it started sooner rather than later as the season moves into the hotter summer months.

And while you are at it, don’t forget your front door. It is amazing what a new paint color on the front door can do to make your home stand out from the crowd. It is one that freshens the exterior of your home fast. Consider a pop of color for that front door that is bold – this really brightens up an exterior that has been too quiet for the last few years. You might want to use this color for your shutters as well to give them a shot in the arm. Or possibly a coordinating color that is a bit more muted for the shutters and let the door stand out – either way, don’t leave out your trim in your painting plan.

The crew at Thomas Lewis Professional Painting, Inc. are eager to help you put the finishing touches on your treasured home – to make it as beautiful on the outside as the feeling it gives you on the inside. Call Thomas Lewis Professional Painting, Inc. in Palm Beach Gardens, FL at (561) 867-6440 for a quote today.

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