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Interior designers will tell you that when it comes to the decor of the rooms in your home or business, the most influential element of any interior design is the paint colors you choose. Colors have a way of evoking emotion and feelings in people. When you use your walls as a canvas to set the tone for a particular room, you can, in essence, control the emotions of the people who enter it. Painting your walls with colors can add a hint of playfulness to a child’s room, an air of romanticism in your own boudoir as well as a professional tone in the conference room.

Here are a few hints regarding paint colors that can help you achieve the perfect ambience in your room. Your painting contractor in Palm Beach Gardens, FL can help you with the rest.

Calm and Tranquil

Have you ever found yourself in a room, trying to calm down and take a few minutes to unwind, only to discover that you just can’t? You might not have paid much attention to the colors on the walls at the time, but odds are they weren’t a calming, tranquil cool color. Cooler tones help us to allow the stress of the day to fade away while helping to promote a sense of inner peace and tranquility. Setting the mood for a relaxing night in can start with a light, springtime green or a peaceful aqua or blue.

residential painting contractor palm beach gardensNeutral Canvas

Like to change your mind a lot when it comes to furniture and decor? Use neutrals. Neutral paint colors like browns, beiges, tans, grays and whites give you the opportunity to create visual interest in a room while making it possible to use a variety of colors and textures in your other design elements. Using a darker neutral on the walls while using bright white paint on the ceiling and trim provides a clean, crisp and sophisticated look that still allows you to add furniture, pillows and other elements in a variety of color combinations.

Bright and Energizing

Some rooms are designed to be noticed. In these areas, using brighter colors is a great way to add personality without overwhelming it with bold design elements. The key to using bright colors on the walls is to counterbalance the brightness with white trim and ceiling paint. This allows the walls to pop without being obnoxious. Bright yellows, pinks, corals, and even blues are a great way to add fun to a room while darker, bright colors like reds, maroons and navies add style and sophistication.

painting contractor palm beach gardensThoughtful and Romantic

Muted versions of your favorite colors can help you add romance to any room. Dusty pinks, purples, neutrals, are a great way to add color without being overpowering. Conversely, painting three of the walls in a traditional neutral while isolating one wall and using a more dramatic hue can have the same effect while showing off your own personality.

If you want to set the mood in your home using color, but are not sure where to start, call the professional painting contractors at Thomas Lewis Painting in Palm Beach Gardens, FL(561) 635-8841, today to discuss all of your painting needs.