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What better way to own your home than expressing yourself through the paint job that truly appeals to you?

Living in a house that doesn’t represent exactly who you are is synonymous with a butterfly that never opened its wings for the world.

It all begins with the selection of the right color of paint and boils down to proper painting techniques. Here is how to improve your home’s appearance with a fresh coat of paint.

Select a correct color to hide flaws

There is no single piece of architecture that is considered flawless. In fact, what most professional painters do is play around with the color choices.

How do you achieve this? Play down the dented surfaces of your walls by choosing the darker shades of the paint spectrum.

You will be surprised how well darker paint colors, for instance, burgundy or gray covers up those uneven surfaces.

Also, specialty techniques, for instance, using a sponge and textured paints are good cover-ups for an old dented wall.

Complete overhaul

Not satisfied with how your paint job was done or you simply don’t love the colors? Why not change the colors completely?

Whether it is the exterior, interior, or both, you deserve to live in a house that makes you feel at home.

One rule of thumb is to remember the color wheel that we all learned at some point in our schooling.

If you are thinking of blending colors, then be sure to go with the colors that complement one another. For instance, red and green are opposite one another on the color wheel and will most likely look nice to each other.

Overall maintenance

Believe it or not, paint takes care of wall surfaces in your house. You may have noticed that the baths and kitchen take more damage to paint relative to other rooms.

For those wall surfaces that are exposed to dampness, high gloss paints offer the easiest time during your cleanup routines.

If you don’t have the backsplash installed, make use of this paint for areas around the sink and cabinets.

Note that regular flat paint doesn’t hold up well when exposed to moisture and scrubbing.

Make smaller rooms appear larger

Paints work like magic. If a room feels small to you, go ahead and manipulate the paint job to help make your room appear larger.

Paint bold horizontal stripes instead of monochromatic color. This will give an impression of extra width, and you can do the same stripes vertically for height.

Also, consider extending the paint a couple of inches into the ceiling to create the illusion of extra height.

Cut larger rooms down to size

Bring down larger rooms to size with the right choice of paint color. Warmer shades like yellow and peach will completely change how larger rooms appear.

These colors bring a cozy atmosphere and when doubled up with any interest-catching paint technique, you will be surprised just how good the finish will be.

Take away

A good paint job will transform any house into a work of art. In fact, the easiest way to improve the value of your house if you intend to sell is by painting.

Get the right people, choose the right colors and watch your house come back to life.