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Rooftop Pressure Cleaning

With our Palm Beach Gardens pressure washing, we specialize in cleaning every type of roof, from asphalt, wood, metal and aluminum, to ceramic, clay and concrete tile. We bring to each site the pressure cleaning equipment and tools that are right for the job, based on the style of the roof, its age, and condition. And when we leave, the roof looks brand new. Are you searching for painting company juno beach? Thomas Lewis Professional Painting, Inc. is the best option for you.

Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning (Property Management HOA)

Sidewalk cleaning is one of our flagship services. Throughout the years, we have helped many of Palm Beach County and Broward County homeowners associations keep their common areas free of mold, dirt and other debris. We specialize on pressure cleaning sidewalks, clubhouse roofs, golf cart roads, and many other common areas. Our services help you restore and protect the value of your property.
Driveway Pressure Cleaning
Your homes’ driveaway is the part of the face of your home. We have the right tools to effectively remove oil, grease, dirt, and all kinds of grime and road kill, from any type of driveways including concrete, pavers, brick, or asphalt driveways.
Fence Pressure Cleaning

Amateurs can actually damage your wooden fence if they pressure clean without the experience and knowledge necessary to approach the job properly. That’s why you should to turn to the pros. . We’ve cleaned literally thousands of wooden fences, restoring them to their original beauty and conditioning them for long life. Are you searching for painting contractor near me? Thomas Lewis Professional Painting, Inc. is the most reputed company that leading the pride.

Patio Pressure Cleaning
Rid your patio, deck, and patio furniture of mold, algae and mildew to create a beautiful, backyard entertainment center. We treat concrete patios and wooden decks with equal care, while using just the right products and water pressure to make your backyard a showplace.
Pool & Pool Area Pressure Cleaning
Pools and their screened enclosures have to be treated with a powerful yet gentle touch. We approach the job with care, especially when bringing a long-neglected pool back to fresh new life. Our crews employ long-reach wands to remove cobwebs and debris from nylon mesh, while ridding metal framework of mildew and rust. And when we’re finished with the pool, raised coping and deck, you’ll want to invite guests over for a party.
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