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FAQs about Pressure Cleaning


Why should I pressure clean?

First, pressure cleaning protects your property’s surfaces from the corrosive effects of rust, mildew, algae and mold. Next, it gives your property a fresh, new appearance that helps retain value, increases curb appeal, and reflects an image of impeccable maintenance.

Can you pressure clean while I’m at work?

Absolutely.  All we need is access to the outside of the property. As long as furniture, decorative items, and any other movable objects have been removed as per our pre-cleaning inspection, we’ll do our work while you do yours.

Are your cleaning chemicals safe?

Completely. We use only biodegradable chemicals that are reconstituted by trained professionals to ensure the safety of humans, pets and landscaping when pressure cleaning.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We own and operate a fleet of equipment appropriate for any low-rise or high-rise job. Whether your needs call for high or low pressure, hot-steam or cold-water cleaning, or a self-contained water source, our crews arrive prepared to leave your property spotless without risk of damage.

What about your business credentials?

Thomas Lewis Professional Painting is licensed and insured. Additionally, we have been endorsed by the Better Business Bureau and our clients consistently rate us tops in our field.